Decentralizing the
Carbon Market

Support the people’s response to combat climate change

To provide unrestricted access to the carbon market with an emphasis on liquidity and transparency.

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There are three main failures with current carbon trading approach.

  • 01 There is currently huge disparity in the carbon market. Carbon prices can range from $0.17 to $110 in this inefficient and opaque market.
  • 02 The carbon market is currently highly centralized and a B2B market, and is inaccessible to the masses. However, the carbon footprint by the masses is significant.
  • 03 Adoption of the Paris Agreement means countries are now able to transfer carbon credits worldwide. However, it is exceptionally difficult to trade credits and there is no simple mechanism or system currently.

Opening up the Carbon Market

Now everyone can participate, verify and trade in the growing $50 billion carbon market

1. Participate

White-label SDK to build apps

With CarbonSDK, web/mobile applications can be built to help enable individuals get recognized of their green actions and be rewarded with NERA tokens. Individuals are now free from being reliant on corporate brokers to get rewarded for their green acts.
NeraWatt is a first community app built on CarbonSDK - piloted to help consumers measure their electricity bills savings and get rewarded with NERA tokens.

2. Trade

Decentralized Marketplace for Carbon Projects is an upcoming marketplace for Carbon Projects.
The goal of CarbonScan is to provide open access for Carbon Projects to showcase their carbon credits generating projects. With an auction-model, prospective buyers can openly view bids in the market for matching projects. No longer is the market constrained by the opacity typical of the current OTC Carbon market.

3. Verify

A Traceability layer for the Carbon Market

With transactions happening on, it serves as the authoritative explorer to verify, search and analyze transaction data related to the carbon market. Individuals and Companies can now verify Carbon Credits claims made by firms.

About our platform

NewEra enhances carbon market data authenticity and provenance, and by connecting carbon initiatives from different countries, industries and enabling for the first time, individuals and small businesses, we hope to improve liquidity and efficiency in a currently fractured system.

NERA Blockchain has the potential to change the way we can play our part to make the world a cleaner place. It changes the current passive state, to an active environment where anyone, everyone and anywhere can participate in a responsible and rewarding way.

It combines the vast outreach of the internet with the security of cryptography to give everyone a faster, safer way to verify key information and establish trust.

Our Vision

  • Decentralized

    NERA believes in an open and trusting carbon economy where there is proof of data ownership and transparency in the market. Governments, organizations, individuals, buyers and sellers will have equal access to the network.

  • Decarbonized

    With NERA’s solution, the team aims to reduce pollution impact & increase renewable energy projects across the world in response to the threat of climate change by keeping a global temperature rise this century.

  • Digitalized

    All transactions performed on NERA platform are issued with Smart Contract using Blockchain technology to provide trusted records across all parties to brings higher certainty.

Solution: NERA Patent-pending Certification Platform

  • Blockchain
    • Each ERU produced is digitally signed on the ethereum blockchain
    • An ERU Token is created and given to the energy supplier for each ton of CO2 reduced, capped up to a certain limit. ERU Tokens are tradeable.
  • Tamper
    • Cryptographic proof of transmission and acceptance
    • Support Multiple Signatories
  • Transparent
    • Real time auditability
    • Immutable record that exists permanently on blockchain
  • Open &
    • Other Green Institutions can sign up as a partner certification authority and use our platform to issue certs to their participating organisations.
    • For example,

Does it matter? Size of the Carbon Market

  • Annual Value of Carbon Credit Transactions in 2017

    US$52 billion

    Up from US$ 49 billion in 2016

  • Carbon Credit transaction expected to grow to

    > US$1 Trillion

    by 2030

NERA timeline : Product Roadmap

  • NewEra Online
    (Q2 2018)
  • Establish NewEra's
    ISO14064 equivalency
    (Q3 2018)
  • Conduct Carbon
    (Q4 2018)
  • Mapping Carbon
    Footprinting onto
    NewEra blockchain
    (Q4 2018)
  • NewEra Green
    (Q1 2019)

Team / Advisors

To successfully execute the vision of New Era Energy, we have put together a combination of energy, blockchain, crowdfunding, market trading, financing, regulatory and local expertise.


  • Andy Tan CEO

    Andy brings more than 8 years of working experience in Energy market, and over 5 years in the IT industry, specializing in Cloud implementation and software applications. Andy focuses on Regional Business Development to promote strategic investment and implementation of NERA.

  • Leonard Ng CTO

    Leonard brings more than 5 years of working experience in technology implementation and project management. Leonard focuses on optimizing the technological stack and seek Subject Matter Expertise advice to deliver an optimum blockchain platform on network interactivity.

  • Sharon Lourdes Paul COO

    Sharon is the co-founder of Cipher Ventures, a digital assets advisory and venture Studio. She brings over 4 years of experience in launching digital ventures, having co-founded a listing portal in the events sector and a web/mobile development agency. Sharon was also most recently led the community marketing for Gifto.

  • Alex Pham CFO

    Alex brings more than 15 years of working experience in Finance & Operations. Alex focuses on promoting strong and flexible strategic thinking to enhance profitability and create solutions. Alex holds a Master of Business in Banking and Finance from Monash University, Australia and is also a member of ACCA-UK.

  • Matthias Gelber ECO (Environmental Chief Officer)

    Matthias was voted “Greenest Person on the Planet” in 2008, and was the co-founder of Maleki GmbH, a German company specializing in high performance, low carbon footprint construction materials. Matthias actively campaign for NERA in his personal and professional capacity wherever he goes as a speaker.

  • Loh Zheng Rong TGE Advisory

    Zheng Rong brings over 3 years of experience in Blockchain development, AI, Machine Learning and Payment processing. He was behind successful Token Sale projects such as Gifto (Fastest Token Sale in Asia) and Quantstamp. Zheng Rong spearheads NERA's core competency in Blockchain data network partnerships across the region. He is also a partner at QCP Capital leading the ICO advisory practice.


  • Nguyen Ho Nam Chairman and Founder of Bamboo Capital Group

    Ho Nam pioneer in investment banking within Indochina and a leader in championing the renewable energy developments within Vietnam. He took BCG from start up in 2011, to IPO in 2014 and to listed as top 100 Vietnam company in the VinaIndex in 2017.

  • Andy Tian Co-founder & Group CEO of Asia Innovation Group (AIG) & GIFTO

    Andy is a successful serial entrepreneur (AIG, his fourth startup). He is previously GM of Zynga China and while at Google, introduced Android to China.

  • Charles ThachChief Crypto Officer of GIFTO

    Charles is a seasoned banker (15yrs+) which specialises on AML/KYC. He is an investor in blockchain companies. Co-authored US patent pending technology to build a massively scalable and transactional cryptocurrency wallet.

  • Jack Ser Advisor

    Jack is the Founder and CEO of FundYourselfNow, who has successfully listed over 12 ICOs. He is an astute investor with a wealth of experience in Fintech, Real Estate, Education and Crypto-investments. Jack advises NERA on ICO regulations and strategies, and promotes NERA across international exchanges.

  • Kenneth Tan Advisor

    Kenneth is the co-founder and COO of FundYourselfNow. He has over 10 years of extensive software development experience and has successfully deployed large scale enterprise projects for MNCs and government agencies. Kenneth advises NERA on ERC20 and the optimization of NERA Blockchain.

  • Michael Luong Advisor

    Michael had 25+ years of experience in product and program management; managing large projects greater than $500M USD throughout Asia, USA, and Europe, with more than 400 engineers and professionals. Michael advices NERA team on operative and product development matters, which includes ways to measure and track CO2 reduction on NERA’s platform.

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