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to Climate Change

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NERA platform

NewEra Energy (NERA) is developing a framework designed to greatly enhance carbon market data authenticity and provenance. By connecting carbon initiatives from different countries and industries, our goal is to improve liquidity and efficiency in a carbon market system that is currently highly fragmented. We will also be creating a more inclusive carbon market by facilitating participation of individuals and small businesses at scale for the very first time.

NERA has the potential to transform how individuals and businesses contribute to a cleaner and greener world. It will act as a key driver to shift the carbon market paradigm from its current passive state to a highly active and inclusive environment where absolutely anyone anywhere can invest and participate in socially responsible and economically rewarding ways.

NERA combines the vast outreach and distribution potential of the internet with the security of cryptography to give everyone a faster and more secure way to verify key carbon market data and establish trust through transparency.


Carbon Grid Protocol

NERA’s flagship blockchain project is Carbon Grid Protocol , a complementary protocol layer that seeks to create an economic framework to reward blockchain networks and DApps for offsetting their carbon footprint. Leveraging the rising blockchain-enabled economy, Carbon Grid Protocol aims to unlock the potential for blockchain networks and DApps to become major new players in the vast untapped global market for carbon credits.

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