Introducing NewEra (NERA) - A new global and trusted standard for
recording, measuring and trading your clean energy footprint

Blockchain-enabled Carbon Credit Certification Protocol

About our Protocol

NERA is developing a protocol that redefines the way the world looks at clean energy. Clean adoption accounts for less than 4% of global energy consumption and deteriorating climate continues to threaten our future generations. Yet there are over US$200B of green funds available in the world today and over 60% of companies today claim that they are doing their part for Mother Earth.

NERA Blockchain has the potential to change the way we can play our part to make the world a cleaner place. It aims to change the current passive state, to an active environment where anyone, everyone and anywhere can participate in a responsible and rewarding way.

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Our Vision


The NERA protocol aims to record how much emission is saved and earned across the world through a patent pending certification process by NGOs and Institutions.


With NERA’s proposed solution, the team aims to reduce pollution impact and increase renewable energy projects across the world in response to the threat of climate change by keeping a global temperature rise this century.


All transactions performed on the NERA protocol are issued with Smart Contract using Blockchain technology to provide trusted records across all parties to brings higher certainty.

  • NERA Online

    A unique green experience, connecting NERA users to the NERA protocol that allows users to record their clean energy footprint in exchange for NERA tokens.

  • NERA Green Cities & Buildings

    Powered by clean energy, and runs on the clean energy economy powered by NERA and NERA Tokens.

  • A world with NERA

    NERA is leading the way in fully realizing the ambitions and values of a green advocates, due to the decentralized nature of blockchain and security of cryptography.

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Token Model

Earn Nera


Green Mining

Only way to earn or ”mine” for NERA – produce Emission Reduction Units (ERUs).



ERUs are data, records, and digital footprints recorded in our blockchain to prove that a clean energy act has been performed.


Issuing of ERUs

ERUs can be obtained by People, Public and Private Companies.


NERA Token

ERUs can be converted to NERA Tokens.

Spend Nera


Global Acceptance

NERA will push for global acceptance of NERA Tokens as a global currency supporting clean energy. Funds, grants and merchants will be encouraged to participate in the eco-system.


Green Projects

NERA will encourage donations made by green projects to foster more green initiative projects. NERA Tokens is expected to rise in value as more companies, merchants, brands and communities get involved.


Redeem Goods & Services

Our merchants have a budget to support green initiatives and reward NERA with commissions for referring you to shop with them.



Donate your NERA to campaigns or projects of your liking to encourge the eco-system.

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